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Review Policy

The Journal of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (JMID) employs a rigorous peer-review process for submitted articles. Key features of this process include:

Peer-Review Assignment

·       Upon passing initial checks, manuscripts undergo review by a minimum of two independent experts.

·       The review process follows a single-blind model, where reviewers are aware of authors\' identities, but authors remain unaware of reviewers\' identities.

·       Peer-review comments are confidential and disclosed only with the explicit consent of the reviewer.

Characteristics of the Peer-Review Process

·       All research articles are evaluated by at least two qualified experts.

·       Reviewers are given a 28-day timeframe to complete their assessments. After this period, reviews become overdue. In case of non-response, the manuscript invitation is withdrawn, and an alternative reviewer is approached.

Communication with Corresponding Author:

·       The corresponding author receives an email upon reviewers\' submission of comments to JMID.

·       The Editor checks and conveys these comments to the corresponding author, with or without additional remarks.

·       The corresponding author is required to submit the revised manuscript, addressing editorial and reviewer comments, within three weeks.

·       Failure to submit the revised version within the stipulated timeframe results in the article being considered rejected, and its metadata is removed from the system.

Revised Manuscripts

If necessary, revised manuscripts may be sent to the original reviewers for reassessment.

Publication Decision

Final publication decisions rest with the Editor-in-Chief or an appropriate editorial board member, based on the provided reviews.


Assuming smooth progression from submission to revision, a timeframe of 6-8 weeks is typically required to reach a conclusion regarding acceptance or rejection.