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Abstract - Dengue fever with co-infections: a case series in children
Ramesh Bhat.Y, Chaitanya Varma, Sonia Bhatt

Dengue fever with co-infections: A case series in children
Ramesh Bhat Y, Chaitanya Varma, Sonia Bhatt
Dengue fever with co-infections especially in children is scarce. The clinical presentations of dengue overlap with that of infections like malaria and hepatitis A which may lead to misdiagnosis. In febrile children from dengue endemic area co-infections should be suspected and if the suspicion is strong patients should be investigated further apart from dengue so that the morbidity can be minimised. Authors report two children with concurrent dengue and vivax malaria and another rare co-infection of dengue with Hepatitis A. All three children recovered completely from their illness. J Microbiol Infect Dis 2014; Special Issue 1: S62-S64
Key words: Children, Co-infections, Dengue, Hepatitis A, Malaria.

Volume 04, Number S (2014)