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Abstract - Thyroid disorders associated with Hepatitis C or interferon based therapies
Şener Barut, ÖZGÜR GÜNAL

Several extrahepatic diseases have been associated with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection (i.e. hematologic diseases, renal disease, dermatologic conditions). It has also been shown that HCV infection is associated with increased incidence of clinical and subclinical autoimmune thyroid disorders. Moreover, interferon (IFN)-α therapy of chronic HCV infection is associated with subclinical or clinical thyroiditis in up to 40% of cases. Interferon induced thyroiditis (IIT) can be classified as autoimmune type and non-autoimmune type. Current studies indicate that viral load, viral genotype and therapeutic regimen do not influence development of IIT in chronic hepatitis C patients thus, and development of IIT is not a predictor of sustained viral response. However, evidence suggests that genetic factors, gender, HCV infection and positivity of thyroid antibodies may play role.

Volume 03, Number 03 (2013)