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Abstract - Effect of temperature on storage of ethionamide during susceptibility testing
Rajagopalan Lakshmi, Ranjani Ramachandran, Syam Sundar A, Baskaran M, Anandan M, Thiyagarajan V, Vanaja Kumar

Objectives: Ethionamide being thermolabile in nature, effect of temperature on the drug and its stability in liquid and solid media during susceptibility testing procedures was assessed to understand the inconsistency in DST formats.

Materials and Methods: Working solution of ethionamide and Lowenstein- Jensen (LJ) media incorporated with ethionamide were preincubated at 4oC and 37oC prior to DST methods was incubated till 4 weeks at different temperatures and utilized for DST in MGIT 960.

Results: Degradation of ethionamide working solution was observed at 37oC after 3 weeks of incubation. Ethionamide incorporated LJ media can be stored without compromise on susceptibility up to 5 weeks. But, a week of prior incubation at 37oC has deleterious effect on the DST profile. Ethionamide was found to degrade at 37oC after different time points when stored as solution or as LJ media.

Conclusion: Use of DST formats that provide results within 2 weeks can be recommended for ethionamide susceptibility testing.

Volume 03, Number 03 (2013)