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Abstract - Standardization of process for increased production of pure and potent tetanus toxin
Chellamani Muniandi, Premkumar Lakshmanan, Kavaratty Raju Mani, Subashkumar Rathinasamy

Objectives: The aim of the study was to increase the yield of tetanus toxin in short time fermentor cultivation and also to produce pure and potent tetanus toxin replacing initial nitrogen source (N.Z Case) with papain digest broth in the modified Mueller Miller medium (MMMM).

Materials and Methods: A fermentor, using a vibromixer and optimum supply of sterile air to the headspace of the fermentor to flush out the accumulated gases was used. The MMMM containing initial N.Z Case was replaced with papain digest broth was used successfully.

Results: It was found that under optimal conditions of temperature, vibromixing, surface aeration, and an alkaline pH favored toxin release. Furthermore, to enhance the production volume, fermentor culture is more suitable. The tetanus toxin was produced with good Limes flocculation (Lf) titre and high antigenic purity. A significant increase in the tetanus toxin yield in short time cultivation (about 5 to 6 days against 8 days) was noticed even with MMMM containing papain digest broth instead of N.Z.Case.

Conclusion:  For large-scale production of puri¬fied and potent (antigenic purity) tetanus toxin, the use of fermentor technology can be utilized under optimal conditions. The production medium using indigenously available ingredients containing high level of aminonitrogen as in the case of PDM can be substi¬tuted in place of N.Z Case, which is being imported and expensive, in addition to lot-lot variation. 

Volume 03, Number 03 (2013)