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Abstract - Tenofovir therapy in chronic hepatitis B infection: 48-week results from Izmir Province, Turkey
Sukran Kose, Gursel Ersan, Suheyla Serin Senger, Gulsun Akincioglu, Melda Ulusoy, Gulgun Akkoclu


Objectives: The goal of therapy in chronic hepatitis B infection (CHB) is to impede liver injury by suppressing viral rep-
lication. The study was aimed to determine the eficacy of tenofovir (TDF) in CHB infection for 48 weeks. 
Materials and methods: We retrospectively analyzed the data of 45 CHB patients treated by tenofovir. The patients 
were divided into two groups based on their hepatitis B e antigen status (HBeAg). Those who were eligible to therapy 
received TDF 300 mg once daily for 48 weeks. Serum alanine aminotransferase levels (ALT), hepatitis B virus DNA (HBV 
DNA), and viral serological markers were checked at three-month intervals. Liver biopsy scores were determined in all 
Results: The mean age ± standard deviation  (SD) was 35.8 ± 17.0 years, 26  (57.8 %) were male, and seven patients 
(15.5%) were treatment-experienced by a nucleos(t)ide analogue before TDF. HBeAg was positive in 17 (37.8%) patients. 
At week 48 among HBeAg positive (HBeAg +) patients’ biochemical and virological response rates at month-3, -6 and 
-12 were 64.7%, and 100%, 70.6%, and 94.1%, and 88.2%, and 64.7%, respectively. The serological response in HBeAg 
+ patients was 29.4%. For HBeAg negative (HBeAg -) patients; biochemical, and virological response rates were 64.3%, 
and 96.4% at month 3; 82.1%, and 96.4% at month 6; and 100%, and 85.7% at month 12, respectively. At week 48 both 
groups had signiicant virological response (p<0.001). 
Conclusion: Treatment in CHB with TDF leads to HBV DNA suppression without evident resistance for 48-week, and is 
well tolerated. J Microbiol Infect Dis 2012; 2(3): 87-92
Volume 02, Number 03 (2012)