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Abstract - Septic Arthritis and Secondary Osteomyelitis with Prevotella bivia – Rare Association of A Common Organism
Azhar Mansoor Farooqui, Samer Salih, Abdelmageed Kambal

Post Arthrotomy Prevotella bivia Septic Arthritis and Secondary Osteomyelitis

Azhar Farooqui1, Samer Salih2, Abdelmageed Kambal3

1Department of Acute Medicine, University Hospitals of Derby and Burton, Derby, UK

2Department of Internal Medicine, Suleiman Al Habib Medical Group, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

3Department of Microbiology, Suleiman Al Habib Medical Group, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



Prevotella is a common gram-negative anaerobic rod that is frequently associated with female genitourinary tract infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, aspiration pneumonia, lung abscess and pleural empyema. Osteomyelitis in association with septic arthritis is rare with only a handful of cases reported worldwide. In this case study, we report a patient who presented with a clinical picture of septic arthritis complicated by the presence of a sinus tract at the site of a previous arthroscopic surgery. Initial sinus pus cultures demonstrated Streptococcus agalactiae, which were confirmed with intra-operative joint fluid cultures. After a brief period of clinical improvement following arthrotomy, a sudden clinical deterioration prompted re-cultures demonstrating heavy growth of Provetella bivia. Repeat MRI demonstrated new signs of osseous involvement. The patient was managed with a redo arthrotomy, extensive debridement of osteomyelitic tissue, washout and an extended antibiotic therapy regimen. This association is first of its kind in Saudi Arabia.  J Microbiol Infect Dis 2019; 9(2):100-103.

Keywords: Osteomyelitis, septic arthritis, infectious disease, Prevotella, arthrotomy

Volume 09, Number 02 (2019)