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Abstract - Presumptive Diagnosis of Buruli Ulcer based on Clinical Presentations
Paul Eniola Oluniyi, Adewale Adegboyega Oke, Isaac Omotosho Olumuyiwa Komolafe

Presumptive Diagnosis of Buruli Ulcer Based on Clinical Presentations

Paul Eniola Oluniyi, Adewale Adegboyega Oke, Isaac Omotosho Komolafe


Objectives: Buruli ulcer disease (BUD) is a neglected tropical disease of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and occasionally bone. Except in endemic areas, the diagnosis of BUD can be a challenge. This study was an attempt to presumptively identify cases of Buruli ulcer in the absence of a laboratory confirmation.

Methods: A presumptive diagnosis of Buruli ulcer by directly comparing clinical presentations with WHO-confirmed pictorial images of the disease was carried out on patients with suspected Buruli ulcers presenting to two government-owned hospitals in Ogun State, South-West, Nigeria.

Results: Eighteen suspected cases of BUD from as many outpatients were identified within a three-month period, comprising 13 (72.2%) females and five (27.8%) males. 10 (55.6%) and eight (44.4%) of them were from the tertiary and secondary health facilities, respectively. Eleven (61%) of the ulcers were located on the leg, four (22%) on the breast and four (22%) on the hand. 14 (77.8%) of the patients were above 40 years of age, two (11.1%) were between 18 and 30 years while only two (11.1%) were below 15 years. 16 (89%) of the patients could not remember how the ulcer started while two (11%) of them said their lesions started with a scratch. 7(39%) of the ulcers were painless; 11 (61%) were minimally painful while 15 (83%) had undermined edges which are presentations consistent with Buruli ulcer disease.

Conclusions: The detection of these ulcers in just two hospitals and within a period of three months is significant and suggestive of Buruli ulcer being probably more prevalent in South-west Nigeria than aforethought. J Microbiol Infect Dis 2017; 7(1): 36-41

Keywords: Buruli ulcer, presumptive diagnosis, clinical presentations, Ogun State, Nigeria

Volume 07, Number 01 (2017)