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Abstract - Impact evaluation of intervention models on schistosomiasis control into elimination in People’s Republic of China and African countries
Ernest Tambo, Jia Tei-Wu, Xiao Ning, Wei Hu, Zhou Xiao-Nong

Impact evaluation of schistosomiasis control into elimination interventions models in P.R. China and African countries

Ernest Tambo1,2, Jia Tei-Wu3,4, Xiao Ning3,4,5, Wei Hu3,4,5, Zhou Xiao-Nong3,4,5

1Department Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Higher Institute for Health Sciences, Université des Montagnes, Bangangté, Cameroon

2Africa Disease Intelligence and Surveillance, Communication and Response (Africa DISCoR) Foundation, Yaoundé, Cameroon

3Department of Schistosomiasis Control, National Institute of Parasitic Diseases, China CDC, Shanghai, P.R. China

4National Institute of Parasitic Diseases, Chinese Center for Diseases Control and Prevention, P.R. China

5WHO Collaborating Center for Tropical Disease Research, Shanghai, P.R. China



Objective: Evidence-based and innovative approaches aiming to reduce or eliminate the local and global burden of schistosomiasis are urgently needed. Local elimination has proved difficult and requires vigorous political and financial commitment for prolonged long-term benefits. Yet, available literature provides limited evidence on the impact and effectiveness of different local and national schistosomiasis programs and community interventions models. Integrated schistosomiasis control interventions models in P.R. China have provided hopes that elimination can be achievable goal both endemic areas in China and African countries, where most vulnerable children population lives.

Methods: The paper overviewed to what extent and impact of various implemented models and programs, and provides an understanding of the robustness of schistosomiasis control towards elimination interventions in endemic communities in P.R. China and African countries.

Results: It provides vital evidence to galvanize governments and global stakeholders in upholding cost-effective interventions models and research innovations in guiding sustainable decision-making policies and priorities towards achieving global schistosomiasis elimination in China and Africa.

Conclusion: Successful Chinese lessons learnt and experiences from varied schistosomiasis models integration and policies practice holds immense promise when transfer and apply within an integrated trans-disciplinary and inter-sectorial sectors schistosomiasis approaches in ending schistosomiasis endemicity and epidemics episodes in both P.R. China and African countries. Furthermore ensuring community engagement and participation, health education and resilience towards community projects ownership are essential in sustained national schistosomiasis elimination programmes and eventual eradication benefits. J Microbiol Infect Dis 2017; 7(2): 104-117

Keywords: Schistosomiasis, Intervention, Impact, Control, Elimination, China, Africa

Volume 07, Number 02 (2017)