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Abstract - Severe respiratory tract infections with human bocavirus in children
Halise Akça, Nilden Tuygun, Emine Polat, Can Demir Karacan
Severe Respiratory Tract Infections with Human Bocavirus in Children
Halise Akça1, Nilden Tuygun1, Emine Polat2, Can Demir Karacan1
Dr. Sami Ulus Maternity, Children’s Health and Diseases Training and Research Hospital, 1Pediatric Emergency Medicine, 2Pediatrics
Acute respiratory tract infection remains a major cause of childhood hospitalization and mortality in young children. Human bocavirus (HBoV) is a virus belonging to the Parvoviridae family, which has been newly discovered to be associated with respiratory tract infection in children. Human bocavirus infection is usually seen as form of co-infection. The frequent associations of HBoV with other respiratory viruses might be explained by the persistence of HBoV in the respiratory tract. HBoV primary events generally associated with mild respiratory illness. Here, we reported three patients who developed an extremely severe acute life-threatening respiratory failure due to HBoV infection. J Microbiol Infect Dis 2016; 6(3): 145-147.
Akça H, Tuygun N, Polat E, Karacan CD. Severe Respiratory Tract Infections with Human Bocavirus in Children. J Microbiol Infect Dis 2016; 6(3): 145-147.
Volume 06, Number 03 (2016)