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Archive - Volume 09, Number 04 (2019)
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  • Research Article
  • Clinico-epidemiological profile of Fever of Unknown Origin
    Aparna Reddy Panyala, Shravani Reddy Maram
    J Microbiol Infect D 2019; 09 (04)137-143.     DOI:10.5799/jmid.657846
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  • Healthcare Workers' Exposures for Mumps, Measles, Rubella and Varicella Zoster Virus Infections: A Multicenter Survey Study
    Duygu Mert, Selma Tosun, Ilknur Esen Yildiz, Handan Alay, Duru Mıstanoglu Ozatay
    J Microbiol Infect D 2019; 09 (04)144-149.     DOI:10.5799/jmid.657878
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  • Five year assessment of the prevalence and trends of typhoid fever among those attending the Health Center Arba Minch, Ethiopia
    Bikila Wedajo Lemi
    J Microbiol Infect D 2019; 09 (04)150-154.     DOI:10.5799/jmid.657883
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  • Bioregulatory Role of Wicherhamomyces anomalus Killer Toxin against Pahogenic Members of the Genus Candida
    Deepa Radhamany, Sunil Rao Padmaraj, Subbannayya Kotigadde
    J Microbiol Infect D 2019; 09 (04)155-160.     DOI:10.5799/jmid.657890
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  • Case Report
  • Ophthalmomyiasis caused by Oestrus ovis: case report from Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh
    Neha Gautam, Mandeep Tomar, Chaman Thakur, Anil Kanga
    J Microbiol Infect D 2019; 09 (04)161-163.     DOI:10.5799/jmid.657895
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  • Cutaneous Cryptococcal infection in Renal Transplant Recipient- A case report
    Jhansi Vani Devana, Saleem M A, Vikrantha Reddy
    J Microbiol Infect D 2019; 09 (04)164-166.     DOI:10.5799/jmid.657899
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  • Review
  • A Consideration of Antibacterial Agent Efficacies in the Treatment and Prevention of Formation of Staphylococcus aureus Biofilm
    Zahra Sedarat, Andrew W. Taylor-Robinson
    J Microbiol Infect D 2019; 09 (04)167-172.     DOI:10.5799/jmid.657903
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