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Current Issue - Volume 10, Number 03 (2020)
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  • Research Article
  • Association of demographic, clinical, laboratory, and radiological characteristics with outcomes of COVID-19 patients: A systematic review and Meta-analysis
    Partha Sarathi Biswas, Devosri Sen, Anirban Homchoudhary, Deepika Makkar, Mahima Kapoor, Amandeep Goel
    J Microbiol Infect D 2020; 10 (03)121-135.     DOI:10.5799/jmid.790260
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  • Schistosoma mansoni and hepatitis B co-infection among adult patients
    Daniel w. Gunda, Elizabeth F. Mtui, Semvua B. Kilonzo, Benson R. Kidenya, Humphrey D. Mazigo
    J Microbiol Infect D 2020; 10 (03)136-143.     DOI:10.5799/jmid.790280
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  • Genetic Profiling of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in an African Hospital by Multiplex-PCR
    Suleiman Shuaibu Adeiza, Josiah Ademola Onaolapo, Busayo Olalekan Olayinka
    J Microbiol Infect D 2020; 10 (03)144-153.     DOI:10.5799/jmid.790286
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  • Real time loop mediated isothermal amplification assay of urine for diagnosis of neurocysticercosis: Preliminary observations from a tertiary care center in North India
    Gunjan Goyal, Anil Chandra Phukan, Masaraf Hussain, Vivek Lal, Manish Modi, Manoj Kumar Goyal, Karthik vinay Mahesh, Rakesh Sehgal
    J Microbiol Infect D 2020; 10 (03)155-159.     DOI:10.5799/jmid.790287
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  • Thiol-disulphide homeostasis in patients with surgical site infections
    Duygu Mert, Murat Alışık, Cihat Oğan, Salim Neşelioğlu, Mustafa Ertek, Özcan Erel
    J Microbiol Infect D 2020; 10 (03)160-166.     DOI:10.5799/jmid.790291
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  • Case Report
  • Trichosporon Asahii Infection Mortality in Pediatric Oncology Patients. A Report of Six Cases.
    Adil Abdelhamed Abbas, Abdulfattah Wasel Alamri, Areej Hasan Almofti
    J Microbiol Infect D 2020; 10 (03)167-172.     DOI:10.5799/jmid.790293
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  • Asymptomatic COVID-19 in a Kidney Transplant Recipient
    Gizem Kumru Sahin, Pınar Yürük Atasoy
    J Microbiol Infect D 2020; 10 (03)173-176.     DOI:10.5799/jmid.790294
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  • Acute HIV Induced Rhabdomyolysis: Not on Antiretroviral Therapy
    Jerry Fan, Hameed Ali, John Midturi
    J Microbiol Infect D 2020; 10 (03)177-180.     DOI:10.5799/jmid.790295
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  • Review
  • Current trends and possible therapeutic options against COVID-19
    Uzair Ahmed, Usman Ali Ashfaq, Saba Khaliq, Muhammad Qasim, Shah Jahan, Muhammad Shareef Masoud
    J Microbiol Infect D 2020; 10 (03)110-120.     DOI:10.5799/jmid.790198
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  • Letter to Editor
  • A Rare Clinical Presentation of HIV Infection
    Rahul Mahajan, Abhishek Juneja, Kuljeet Singh Anand
    J Microbiol Infect D 2020; 10 (03)181-182.     DOI:10.5799/jmid.790546
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